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Article on Street Photography

A very interesting read from a website I frequent quite often. I am asked on a fairly regular basis why I enjoy street photography. Add to that how talking to potential subjects and asking to snap their photo takes away from the “purity” of it. I never really have a solid answer for them in the moment but this piece helped to clarify it for me as much as it could for others.

“Sometimes I think that those who feel that posed street portraiture is not street photography might actually be uncomfortable approaching people for conversation and a few snaps.”

Brad Evans from CitySnaps.net

Writer’s Block

_MG_2552I’ve been sitting here for the past couple hours waiting for inspiration to hit. Three papers, 2000 words, 1000 photographs and nothing. I was hoping that this shit  Read more

Brace Yourself

(This is me after dealing with my hostile source)

Today was my first experience with a hostile interviewee. Not exactly sure the circumstances behind their hostility but in my pre-interview I had laid out the general questions I would be asking. Read more

It’s Never As Bad As It Seems

So many differing factors have been affecting my writing as of late. Some good some bad but all influential. Being Monday meant another start of a busy school and work week and all the stresses that come with it. I told myself I would focus on giving my next couple writing assignments no less than 110%. Read more

Smile for the Camera

“It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission” Not sure who is credited with the origin of this quote but today is the first time I’ve ever had to really use it. Went out into the world today to take some photographs for my Photojournalism class. Read more