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My personal phone and my work phone are now indistinguishable #coasters #scotchtapeoverscreenprotectors

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Many of our conversations go completely offside and she gives me this look of, “How do you even come up with this shit?!” #darknessrising #RoastingEquatesToLove 📸: @kimmu

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Cash Me Online | PS3 FightStick➡️PS4 connects for Dragon Ball FighterZ #DownRightFierce #NevergonnagiveyouupNevergonnaletyoudownNevergonnarunaroundanddesertyou

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Good Morning https://youtu.be/3bKuoH8CkFc @kyemara

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I was definitely not in traffic when I took this and there definitely wasn’t another driver honking incessantly that a light had turned green #moonroof #sunkissed

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“Morlbaro” Reds, the lesser known Marlie | The lighter and the arm are both from the land of knock-offs #MadeInChina

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The sadness in her eyes when she has to wait to eat her treat #lightsstayupuntilthelastpresentisopened

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Thinking about that Cold Shot we watched slide down the mountain | Solid first session of the season

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Golden Hour #minty 👌 #35mm

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She loves me #PandoraAd

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