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Still Life


I’ve been spending a lot of time behind the lens, and less time with the pen and paper (Pen and paper being an analogy for my laptop or iPad because I rarely write with a pen and paper these days) Read more



Fuck the positives. Negatives make for better pictures

Silver linings people. Embrace them. I don’t live in a third world country nor am I destitute, but my life is far from charmed. Nothing comes easy. Always on the grind. But the best part about that? The negative just makes for more interesting stories. Read more

Through the Lens

Here we go again. Right on cue. Round and Round. I’m the Marionette. Who’s pulling the strings? I’m just a puppet.

I came into this program looking to polish skills in not only writing, but also photography, and my oddly enough; my ability to approach almost anyone in any random situation. As a journalist this skill is mandatory. Thankfully, I’ve never been shy in that regard. Read more

Dark Rooms

Hitting you like it’s the third period… Ellipsis

There a a few things I miss from the analog age. Giant Motorola cellphones, Mixtapes and Film Processing. Okay I only really miss one… Okay two things (I made the best Mixtapes this side of Butch Walker) Read more