Today’s lunch was delicious Ramen from @ramen_ichirock_aki The tonkotsu white broth was well seasoned and buttery smooth with thick wavy noodles and enough pan fried braised charsiu pork belly to satisfy pork connoisseurs and bacon snobs alike. The addition of corn and firm cabbage was both surprising and palette cleansing but the real highlight was the tempura battered sautéed onions and carrots which added a savoury seasoning as well as a satisfying crunch to a complex bowl of flavor. The gyozas were thin, pan fried, and crisp while still being juicy and succulent on the inside. And the best part was both @hittingthesaucefeipo and @anjen8 missed out #SavageAF #youcantsitwithus #1onZomato #whosemansisthis

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