So it’s been a weird couple weeks for me. Feeling a bit overwhelmed as of late. I think some things are starting to get to me. My creative side has been stifled and it looks to be in direct correlation with my state of mind.

So I’ve been trying to visualize a portfolio piece to shoot for the past few weeks and I’ve run into a bit of a problem. I am experiencing the photographer’s version of Writer’s Block (I guess you could call it Photographer’s Block but that just doesn’t sound right) I’ve had a smattering of ideas but none of them really grab me. It’s pretty frustrating. I have the equipment, studio time, models, and desire, all I’m missing is the kick ass concept (It’s like I’m about to sit down for a nice dinner, all the fixins, knife and fork in hand, and I’ve forgotten to grill the damn steak!) Couple that with inevitable scheduling conflicts, and I’ll be royaly effed. Really need to figure something out quickly. Here’s hoping the other projects I have going on will crack this creative dam. Because if the ideas don’t start to flow again I’ll just have to resort to taking selfies of me smashing all my shit in pure frustration.

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