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Four Things I Learned Last Night

1) Luke Bryan is a country singer who does in fact have a first name as a last name, and white people wearing plaid are very against you telling them he will never “Crash My Party”  Read more

O Calm, Dishonourable Vile Submission

Mercutio. Shakespeare got it right with this one.

A free spirit, with an eloquent tongue, and a sense of loyalty. Read more

Met this dude the other day. Breaks with @fugaru. A pretty accomplished Slight of Hand Magician who was mentored by David Blaine’s mentor. Was the first time this magic junkie got chosen for assistance. His skills were impressive. So stoked. #QueenofHearts #latergram

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Mirror ceilings #alwayslookup #canon

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A little videography project I’m working on. B-Girls still do it for me #tbt current photo old school flow

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I’m classy now that I drink Apothic Red #redredwine #nolongerascallywag #soundtrackofmylife

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How this Asian does #movember #cantgrowamo #butdatflowthough

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Class Is In Session

You wouldn’t guess from this shot that she was pissed at me for being hella late. #goodthingyouresoforgiving #sneakpeak #colors

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So it’s been a weird couple weeks for me. Feeling a bit overwhelmed as of late. I think some things are starting to get to me. My creative side has been stifled and it looks to be in direct correlation with my state of mind. Read more