Angels & Demons


I came across this GIF on the interwebs a few months ago.I’ve been trying to find a print or at least at usable file size to make a print myself. As many of you know I’m a huge proprietor of street art. Particularly urban artists whose art reflect political messages (Bansky) or the human condition (Kozik). I do not know who this artist is but the message is clear. It invokes a certain feeling does it not? A sort of deeper understanding, that’s almost tangible, telling you the trueness of the human condition. Opinion or not, there is an inherent trust in all of us that goodness is there. But this little girl, who should represent the innocence of youth circumvents this belief. It can been seen through her shadow, the vile reality that she is evil incarnate. Then there is the anarchist, prototypical with his mohawk, looks to be the villain but is in reality, our saving grace. This juxtaposition is why this particular piece ingratiated itself into my consciousness. You just don’t know who or what you are dealing with when it comes down to surface level contact. You need to delve deeper. Get into the griminess, that’s when you find the real. That is why I want this art for myself. A visual reminder to always make deeper connections.

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