Going Back To Cali

When the lala hits ya lyrics just splits ya

Head so hard that ya hit can’t fit ya

Either I’m with ya or against ya

Format venture, back through that maze I sent ya

Talkin to the rap invertor

– Notorious B.I.G

Looking forward to heading home during the summer. I haven’t stayed in the Bay Area during the summer months since I was a teenager. Always during Christmas which is nice but nothing beats hot summer days by the ocean, walking the piers and enjoying the city and her free-spirited citizens.

I’m heading down for a few reasons:

1) To check out a few local newspapers and possible internships for my required work practicum for my Journalism program.

2) To visit my sister, my nieces and my family whom I have not seen in awhile because of conflicting schedules.

3) To tour around the Bay Area, photograph and document as much as I can, and to see the city from a tourists point of view.

I’m pretty stoked on this trip but always a bit sad that I don’t have my crew with me. Lundqvist bros will make their mark on San Francisco soon. And others I will miss. You know who you are.




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  1. Linds says:

    Have a good Trip!

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