Just Like Riding A Bike


Post Vegas. I have been a terrible person. I told myself I would not fall back on my writing, but that is exactly what I’ve been doing. Not for lack of inspiration or stimuli. If anything I’m overwhelmed with both, but just haven’t been able to put pen to paper.

Leading up to Vegas I was already a little lax, and looking back into my journal/website/manuscript there are some serious gaps. Now I look and it’s been a significant time since I’ve put any content into any. Even now I’m doing my best to focus but my mind reverts back to XS in Vegas and my Lundqvist Brothers crushing the dancefloor (I’m sure having Swedish House Mafia, Calvin Harris and Zedd cranked isn’t going to help matters) So basically I’m just going to throw together the most incoherent of mind ramblings and hope you enjoy it enough to read till the end.

Now I know you’re hoping for some Vegas details but I need to first figure out a way to tell the story without seriously undermining my brethren. Not that anything we did wasn’t well within our rights, but due to intoxication I’m need to ensure my perception was in fact the reality.

That being said if my brothers or I have seen you since we’re been back or you follow me/them/us on Instagram you have a general idea of how a typical trip to Vegas “Step Up Party” goes.

On a serious note I’m very proud to see how a city can come together in the aftermath of Mother Nature’s wrath. Calgary and her citizens really came together and showed why Calgary is an amazing place to call home.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Proof read your material

  2. Sandra says:

    I have nothing to read when you aren’t writing! Get on it. :) I hope Vegas was as good as your story you posted about last and made new stories and adventures! :) maybe you should write a brief on that…or just tell me about it! It’s great to see you writing again!

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