Writer’s Block

_MG_2552I’ve been sitting here for the past couple hours waiting for inspiration to hit. Three papers, 2000 words, 1000 photographs and nothing. I was hoping that this shit would just hit me but I’m just not feeling it. Not even my old faithful of Gin plus Tonic is able to open the floodgates of my creativity. So I have decided to write about my inability to write. I guess I’m hoping that this would conjure up at least a small gem of readable material. How am I doing so far? Feel free to comment…

For those who don’t like to read I threw up a picture. I took that one while walking around today, working on my street photography. Just for those of you who didn’t click the “read more” link. If you didn’t click that shit shame on you! But if you can read this then clearly I’m not speaking to you.

It’s taken me quite a bit of time to write this piece. I blame it on VEVO and John Mayer videos. Currently I have Who Says on repeat. It’s such a solid track.

I don’t remember you lookin’ any better, 

but then again I don’t remember you.

Who says I can’t get stoned?

Call up a girl that I used to know,

Fake love for an hour or so,

Who says I can’t get stoned?

Who doesn’t love them some John Mayer? The guy is a class act. Plays guitar and slays celebutantes like it’s his job.


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  1. klow says:

    …who’s john mayer?

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