Love / Hate

Tom Kapinos. He is the creator of a show that I admit is one of my best vices. Every Monday night I look forward to watching a new episode of Californication. Everyone I know will tell you I remind them of the main character in some way. I’ll be the first to tell you I revel in that. But tonight I was surprised to see myself somewhat offended by the content.

A little back story first. (If you don’t like spoilers stop reading now)

Our favorite protagonist: Hank Moody, is in a relationship with a woman named Faith (played by the beautiful Maggie Grace). Faith has asked Hank to come home with her to meet her parents. There we find out her mother is a devout Catholic who is disappointed with her daughter for leaving the nunnery to become a groupie. Later in the episode Faith dreams of an encounter with Jesus Christ.
Now this is where I started to feel a little uncomfortable.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m no choir boy; I’ve even been known to blaspheme here and there, but this was something special. In this dream sequence Faith enters a church dressed as a schoolgirl (white blouse, plaid skirt) holding a bottle of Jack and a lit cigarette. She walks down the aisle and approaches the altar. A crucifix of Jesus is above her and she begins to speak to it. It pans back and nailed to the cross is Atticus Fetch (played by Australian comic and musician Tim Minchin). Fetch proceeds to pull himself from the cross, removing the spikes from his hands with his teeth. No longer restrained to the cross he jumps down, removes and throws his crown of thorns from his head onto a statue of baby Jesus all in one fluid motion. Fetch then gives us his signature smile. As Faith is kneeling at the altar mesmerized, Fetch takes her and they passionately kiss. Due to the fade out we don’t know what happens, but in the context of the show it is safe to assume he bangs her.
As all this is happening I am sitting on couch in pure awe. How was this allowed to be put on cable television and why was it not done sooner? Yeah I was offended, and I am happy to report that I am proud of it. It means I do have a soul. It means that I have yet to reach the absolute bottom of human depravity. I still have a ways to go. Some things are still sacred.
Thank you Hank Moody for once again showing me I still have potential.

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