So I was asked by one of my very good and very talented friends (Jenna Mae) to write some poetry that she could translate into a song. Her musical talent has always impressed me. Before we ever even hung out she wrote a song for me. I still listen to it when I’m down. She is actually the one who taught me how to play the guitar. She was very patient and though I may have forgotten a few chords, many of her other lessons I have not forgotten…

Music is something I have a deep connection with, but sadly, it is something I love from a afar. I can appreciate it but cannot create it. This is why I was very intrigued by her proposal. She is offering me a chance write what I want and she would pick out what works for a song. Her one request was for me to come up with more provocative prose. Now it’s no secret that I do enjoy/live for/talk to/write about/love the opposite sex, but this is something different. I can’t say it will actually work, but the chance to hear something I wrote overlayed on a beat? I can’t pass that up.

(The whole time I was writing this Lazy Love by Ne-Yo was playing in my head)


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  1. Magdalena Capati-samson says:

    Remember, music is the universal language everyone appreciates

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