She walks into my favorite coffee shop. The glistening of her hair caught the corner of my eye. It looks like she got inside just as the rain started to really come down. Everyday I sit in the same spot, in the same shop, gathering the same thoughts and this is our first encounter. I try to keep my gaze subtle but engaged. She seems to know the staff, and as she is sharing a private conversation with the barista she turns and our eyes meet. She is more stunning than I first gave her credit for. Beautiful olive skin with piercing green Asian eyes and long, tussled brown hair. She has little freckles that are barely visible, overshadowed by her smiling dimples. I make the choice to approach her. She smiles and knows exactly what I’m thinking. She begins to walk my way. I stutter half a step as we meet, coffees in hand. She is witty and intelligent. I pull out a chair for her and we sit at a small table in the corner. We share some meaningful conversation and there is an obvious attraction that seems more than skin deep. I ask her common questions like, “Where are you from? What do you do? She answers with a cute innocence that catches me off guard. She seems to share my interest and asks questions of her own, “Where did you grow up? What do you do for fun? “We talk for hours and then out of pure curiosity I ask her if she always just chats up random people in coffee shops. She gives me a sort of quizzical look and all of a sudden turns bright red. She then asks me if I use internet dating sites but she already knows the answer. I say no, and give her a genuine laugh… She came to the coffee shop to meet someone else; someone she’s never met in person. Because I was brave enough to approach a random stranger she assumed the person she was meeting was me. She’s still

blushing and tries to apologize but I stop her. I might have even started to say things like
“fate” and “serendipity.”
You would think that would be the end of it but coincidentally Serendipity is one of her
favorite movies. She tells me that she has never heard anyone use the word “serendipity”
in normal conversation before. I know that’s won me brownie points so I make another
bold move while my confidence is high. I ask her if she’d give me her phone number.
She enthusiastically agrees. We exchange info and promise to meet again for a real date.

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  1. Sonia Sun says:

    what a movie magic moment :)

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