Through the Lens

Here we go again. Right on cue. Round and Round. I’m the Marionette. Who’s pulling the strings? I’m just a puppet.

I came into this program looking to polish skills in not only writing, but also photography, and my oddly enough; my ability to approach almost anyone in any random situation. As a journalist this skill is mandatory. Thankfully, I’ve never been shy in that regard. That confidence has gotten me to where I am today. It’s helped me in other aspects of my life. Being able to disregard social complacency has pushed me to the forefront and made me memorable (at least in my eyes)

But I seem to have reached an impasse.

My photography composition is not where I want it to be in this stage of my career. I feel confident in my Street Photography, but my portraits are still a bit lackluster. I’ve been working on my technique recently, sitting down with my instructors to get some extra insight as to how I should develop my “Journalistic Eye”. In trying absorb as much information as possible, I also sat down with a friend of a friend who’s career is in photography. She gave me insight and creative criticism on some of my photographs. She was very knowledgeable and quite eager to help another photographer in their development (If you’re interested in seeing her work, this is her site: She gave me a different perspective and reinforced the notion of seeing things from different angles. Taking her advice, I’ve been shooting as much as I can recently, looking like a Japanese tourist in the process.

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