Dark Rooms

Hitting you like it’s the third period… Ellipsis

There a a few things I miss from the analog age. Giant Motorola cellphones, Mixtapes and Film Processing. Okay I only really miss one… Okay two things (I made the best Mixtapes this side of Butch Walker)

Film processing is not something you can just do these days. Not many places even sell 35mm film anymore let alone let you process them in a darkroom. So when the opportunity to not only shoot with film SLRs but to process the black and white prints came up, I jumped at the chance. Given the limited timeframe and locations the shots were not exactly Pulitzer Prize worthy, but it was more about going back in time when Photography was a carefully crafted art. One didn’t have the ability to take 500+ shots. Each composition had to be carefully crafted and meticulously metered because film did not give the same leniency as digital media does today. 

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