I was asked the other day what I wanted to do once I finish my studies. My friend Keysha asked if I still wanted to work in areas of conflict. I still do and even with all that’s going on I want to be in the thick of it. Some of the best Journalists in the world have made a name for themselves covering locations like Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa etc. It’s where the action is. Unfortunately we are part of a society that craves strife and that is the kind of news that creates headlines. Not many people pick up their daily newspaper when the front page headline is some happy go lucky cookie cutter story. Most people want to read about political turmoil, death and/or destruction. It’s our morbid fascination with the negative that pushes our media these days. But even in the worst situations the negative helps bring out the positive.

Hurricane Sandy. One of, if not the worst hurricane to hit New York state. The damage was catastrophic. Even with the early warnings many people tragically lost their lives. Many others suffered and are still suffering, as well as billions of dollars in damages were incurred. And yet in all that turmoil worldwide support was given. Many volunteers from all corners converged on the flooded city to lend a helping hand. Donations were givens, homes were opened. Our fellow man showed who they truly are in a time of need. That is what should drive the news. Not just the devastation but the rebuilding.

That is why I want to work in areas of conflict. Not to report of the destruction, but to shed light on the ones who are left in its wake. The ones who have to rebuild when everyone else has moved on.

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