It’s Never As Bad As It Seems

So many differing factors have been affecting my writing as of late. Some good some bad but all influential. Being Monday meant another start of a busy school and work week and all the stresses that come with it. I told myself I would focus on giving my next couple writing assignments no less than 110%. That can be difficult when you feel like the creative well is running dry. Last night I decided to introduce some new thinking into my life. For the first time ever I entered a book store and headed straight to the self help section. The mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised and the stimuli I’ve been using (Mainly TV) was not quite cutting it. I picked up three books: Dale Carnegie’s world renowned book How to Win Friends and Influence People in the Digital Age (Adapted from the original How to Win Friends and Influence People), and two other books on Rebuilding after a loss and breaking out of bad habits in your personal life. If you know me or follow my work you know I’m somewhat sensitive. Confidence aside I tend to over think everything which sometimes stifles my creativity as well as my objective, rational side. I decided today would be different, I stayed up last night writing for my school paper, my personal journal,  and my manuscript. I also read a good amount into each of my new books (Side note, I picked up the newest Mitch Albom book The Timekeeper a few days ago because everyone needs a little fiction in their life) It might sound cliche but my mind was rejuvenated creatively and I fell asleep with a sort of calm and a sense of accomplishment.

This morning I made my regular commute to school, with Lionel Richie’s Easy coming in on my headphones and an excitement to get to my Media class. I wanted to put some thoughts on paper as quickly as possible and just thinking ahead to the day. As I’m walking I look down at what looks like random sidewalk messages. I normally don’t look stop to read them but this time the messaged resonated. The last few days I’ve been trying to find an angle for my piece on Suicide in the Media but have been coming up a bit short. After seeing this I smiled to myself as I had just found my angle. Not only was I going to delve into the victims, the ones that love them  and their lack of media coverage but also of the survivors and those who saved their lives. Everyone considers the guy who pulled the car crash victim from the burning wreckage a hero, but what about the girl who said those kind words to the depressed stranger? That stranger who was on their way home to hang themselves but did not because of the words of a kind stranger. In my eyes what they did was just as heroic.

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  1. Sonia Sun says:

    No things are never as bad as they seem in the big scheme of things.
    And Mitch Albom is amazing! the 5 people you meet in heaven is one of my all time favorite books.

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