The Digital Age

Over the last few days I’ve been experimenting with more efficient ways to both transcribe my notes/interviews and deliver them to the various mediums I use. Still a firm believer in the tried and true method of pen and paper, but in this day and age the use of technology provides a higher level of accuracy and efficiency. For my last article I conducted it fully in a digital format. After introducing myself to my subject I placed my digital voice recorder (my iPhone in airport mode) on the table, powered up my iPad, pulled out my stylus and proceeded with the interview. I was able to transcribe the main points quickly using a notetaking app (knowing that any points that were missed I would have access to later in an mp3 format) After the interview I was quickly able to have my handwriting analyzed and put into a word document for instant editing.  Then to complete my interview, with my DSLR I snapped some photos that were quickly uploaded into a Cloud based server that I attached to my rough draft within seconds. All this was done without my subject having to stop or be asked to repeat themselves. I understand the naysayers who say all of this could have been done without technology (And the inherent cost of said tech) but to me it would equate to writing in crayon on construction paper when a Bic pen and letterhead is available. Some people may shy away from technology, but I for one will embrace it.


  1. Great work, and clever methods. I never understood people who don’t embrace technology, since I think they’re just tools to help you be the most efficient as possible. What’s next, will people stop using forks and knives?

  2. Choi Wait-for-it Lee says:

    Way ahead of you Ross. I’m already eating via osmosis.

  3. Jenna Mae says:

    please refer to Kips wedding song in the great 2004 film creation Napoleon Dynamite.

    need I say more?

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