Tune Out the Noise

As a Journalist you must always remain unbiased and factual. In the pursuit of the truth you need to keep emotion out of the equation.

But what happens if you can’t?

I will be the first to admit I am an emotional person. I have always used emotion in my writing. It is a gateway into my subconsciousness, an avenue to showcase my passion or to unleash my rage. It has always been my greatest asset. As a Journalist, the truth is my opinion is irrelevant. What I feel is secondary to what is happening. I do not write for myself, I write for my audience. They are uninterested in my day to day life, my trials and tribulations. They expect me to to stay objective. Sometimes you may not understand what you are researching or even agree with what you are reporting but it is your job to collect the facts and present it to your audience.  I have never understood how one can stay objective when as a human being it is in our nature to feel something. To be unattached but at the same time stand by your convictions? Worse still is that no matter what is going on in the World your life does not stop. Think about a significant event in your life… Do you remember what was the breaking news at that time? If you are anything like me, chances are you do not; Your life took precedence. Now imagine you are no longer just witnessing the news. It is now your duty to report it. How can you stay objective when your mind is elsewhere? A tragic loss, financial woes, a relationship in ruin. All those things can trigger a strong emotional response. But instead of dealing with that that you are expected to push it all aside. To focus on the facts. I do not know if I can do that. I fear that emotion will cloud my judgement.


  1. Choi Wait-for-it Lee says:

    This is by far my favorite post by you. You’re right, it is tough to remain detached when reporting stories, but welcome to the wonderful world of Journalism where your opinion means shit and ethics always come into play.

    But hence the reason for blogging!

  2. Sonia Sun says:

    I think you should write for yourself too, not just for your audience

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