Smile for the Camera

“It is easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission” Not sure who is credited with the origin of this quote but today is the first time I’ve ever had to really use it. Went out into the world today to take some photographs for my Photojournalism class. It felt a bit uninspired with the time and location constraints but once I settled into my project the confidence level started to rise. While some of my colleagues were speaking with our instructor I took it upon myself to approach random people on campus and snap their photos. Some I asked permission and some I did not. Out of the 50 plus subjects only 1-2 were really adverse to the idea of a stranger taking their picture. I did have to apologize to them but in the grand scheme of things they were but a drop in a pond. I feel like I took some great shots of campus life but with the competitive nature of my program I will refrain from putting up my favorite pieces as of yet. I will put up a picture I took of a couple Nursing students studying, mainly because of my weakness for Nurses/Nursing students. Word of advice though, don’t ask people if they want to have their picture taken when they are eating/chewing food. The answer will almost always be no.


  1. Choi Wait-for-it Lee says:

    Good on you for going out there and taking that risk! For the sake of helping you succeed, you are always welcome to take pictures of me eating. Although it might frighten small children.

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